Wednesday, October 20, 2010


my mid-term consisted of a written test on chemistry and permanent waves as well as a perm wrap (where you wrap the hair around the perm rod)
we have been practicing all week doing reviews and our specific perm wrap.
we had a total of 27 rods
as you can imagine you CAN NOT wrap a full head of hair in 27 rods...
it was certain sections...
  • the nape (or the bottom back) with 9 rods that had to be on center which means the rod sits directly on the center of the section of hair your wrapping. 
  • the center back of the head past the apex (if you were to lay a comb on the top part of the head and where the comb laid flat that is where you would part pretty much ear to ear.) with 6 rods wrapped on center.
  •  the back left section (it consists of the center apex part and the 1st of 3 parts at the back of the head) with another 6 rods that is 1/2 off center. This means that it only sits half on the section of hair you took.
  • last section is the front right section (front part of the apex parting and 3 sections in the front) with 6 rods that was OFF center. This means that the rod doesn't sit on the parting of hair that you took.
I know none of this makes sense...I left my complete manikin head at school...I have a consultation tomorrow morning to find out how I did and I plan to take pictures of her to help understand my wording. so wish me LOTS of luck!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My main man Sam

So hair cuts for Sam have been really fun!!! Today I even shaved off the beard :) Oh what joy to see that UGLY thing go :) I am now a master at those clippers :)

BAM no beard :)

Perm's Anyone???????

These are just some of the different wraps you can do with perms :) Some I personally like more than others but they all look really nice...

 It's not a lot of pictures but I will be adding more as we actually do a perm :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What to do about hair color........

so.....I cut my hair in a long A-line and I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks to the wonderful Jessica Bronson!!!! Now I am thinking that I want to color my hair. I am thinking of doing it all a dark color with random chunks of Blond through out. I need advice so if you can let me know what you think :) thanks
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