Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wanna know a secret?????????????

I figured out the key to curly unfrizzy hair.........
Do you want to know it????????
It's kind of a big secret..........
I've been fighting with myself about letting you all in on it............
Do you think it's worth it??????????
I need to know that there are enough people that care to share cause I love it!!!!! :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Should be....

Yeah should be doing this.........

but I'm not hahaha........

Hello My name is Kati Jo and I love.....

Hello my name is Kati Jo and I love my Ipad!
hahaha didn't that sound like I was in a AA meeting :)
No but seriously I think I am a bit obsessed...Ipad's are AMAZING!!!! here is a cool feature that my school friends and I played with....

Yep this is all we do at school :) haha not!!!! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vegas preview and Summer semester...

 U turns,your team, french braids, h&m, new york new york, sprinklers, 1234 asian curly, finding our doctor pepper, greys, weirdos in the elevators, stupid Delilah, Grey's anatomy!

School started on monday!! I am happy to be back but sad that my break was SOOO short! But it will be ok :) I know it!!! I went to Vegas this past weekend but haven't had time to upload the pics on my computer yet...hopefully soon so i can show you all how AMAZING!!!!! more to come....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tagged by the BEAUTIFUL Amanda

4 Honest things

4 shows I watch

1. Prison Break
2. Pretty Little Liars
3. House
4. Criminal Minds

4 things I'm passionate about
1. My family
2. The Gospel
3. Hair
4. Dance

4 Phrases I use alot

1. What the Crap
2. My life SUCKS! :)
3. Whatcha Say?
4. Whatever

4 things I've learned from the past

1. There is no right person for you. There are a million it just all depends on how you live your life.
2. Love NO matter what! It may be taken from you the next day
3. Don't Judge others...your not so perfect either.
4. true friends hang in there no matter what!

4 things I did yesterday

1. Worked
2. Wrote in my journal
3. read my scriptures
4. Drove

4 Places I'd love to visit

1. Italy 
2. Frnace
3. Austrilia
4. Mexico

4 things I'm looking forward too

1. Las Vegas in 3 days
2.Hair school to start again
3. camping in July with the fam
4. cruise when i've finished hair school!

4 things I love about Spring

1. The fire pit in the backyard
2. BBQ's
3. the perfect temp
4. shorts

I tag Ashley, LuAnn (mom), Aleigh, Taylor

Photo's of the day

Who doesn't LOVE accordion sticky notes!!! 

My "new" journal that I've had since August that I have written in 3 times that i am planning on writing in more!!!

Lip Stain is AMAZING! it gives you the lip color you need without reapplying a hundred times a day and you can wear your lip balm with it :) My new favorite

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do you ever think...

do you ever think..."what in the heck am i supposed to do now?" hahaha i sure have!
a lot more lately then normal.
if you don't know me then let me tell you i am one of those peeps that just go with the flow. i try not to cause waves too often and i'm content with just riding the waves instead of swimming against them. (where did this surfing metaphor come from?)
if you still know me then you know i'm not all. i struggle waiting for things to happen. i'm a go getter. i hate waiting for things to happen...i make them happen. lately i've had to step back and put my life into someone else's hands.  and its been hard. a lot of changes have taken place since february and i have no idea whats in store for me. 
i keep telling myself..."the Lord has you kati. he won't let you fall." i just wish i had a way of knowing that everything will be ok...i don't really want to know the future, i like adventure too much to want to know that much. i just want to know that i will be ok.
i'm sorry for all the crazy talk but it's how i feel right now...crazy! 
is it bad to still cry sometimes?
over everything?
cause i had a plan and it's gone south never to return. 
the funny thing about me and planning is that i suck at it ha ha ha :) i can't plan worth crap. i mostly just do things on a wim. but when it comes to life i need to have a game plan. even though i know it will change day by day i can rely on it. it helps me get through each day. helps me from going insane. 
haha this whole blog post is insane.
i have made a pact to myself and all you out there that i am going to stop blubbering about how bad my life is when i know others that have it worse then i do. at least i can see my family and friends. 
this was my last "boo-hoo kati jo" moment online!
i promise to be happy and start living life! no more of this non-sense. 

"the Lord has you and won't let you fall"

LaS vEgAs

We are on the count down for Las Vegas in 4 dAyS!!!!! And I am super excited!!!!!! yes I will be taking TONS of pictures :) No I am not going alone...I'm going with non other then the famous AsHlEy ShIpPeN :) WOOT WOOT! It will be AWESOME!

Another count down is for summer semester to start :) that would be T-minus 6 days for the new semester to start! I have mixed feelings about it because I am excited to go back and play with hair but I am sure wanting a longer summer break. A week and a half was kind of short but oh well :) The faster I get done the faster I can be working in my field :)

So those are my latest and greatest count downs :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Natural Hair!!!!!

Natural hair is beautiful!!!!! :) some of you may think that I am crazy but it's true! Natural hair is beautiful! Not the fake curly hair that you get from a curling iron or EXTREMELY flat hair from a CHI...I'm talking natural! BAM!
Natural hair :) When was the last time you let your hair go natural? I'm talking no blow dry, flat iron, curling iron, etc. When was it? I've been pretty lazy the last few days and have let my hair air dry. And I actually like it a lot :) I don't have super curly hair but I do have a nice wave that can some times be annoying! I'm tired of fighting the wave in my hair...flat ironing it over and over and over again. So I have decided to let it be. bad hair day or not my hair can do what it wants. Mind you I do help it along a bit with a leave in conditioner and a little texture wax. But what you see is what my hair wants to do. I'm going to challenge everyone to try going natural for 1 day! Mind you I'm talking no heat allowed! just put your product in and let it be. you can scrunch it all you want to help it it in the spot you want it to dry in but that's it. If your embarrassed to do it on a day you have work do it on a day off. Just play with it...experiment on it :) I promise you will like it :) If you don't let me know! Send me pics of it!!! Take a pic of the finished product!!!!  I'll show you mine if you show me yours :) send the pics to :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Then and Now

Snow College 2008-2009........then

2011 Marchish....

Do I look different???????

The good the bad and my ugly!

So folks Spring semester is OVER!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!! and guess who got a 4.0?!?!?! ME!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!! (you can't see but I'm doing a little happy dance) 
So now I have a whole week and a half summer :) that's right be jealous!!! a WHOLE week and a half!
In 8 days I'm going to Vegas with no other then the famous ASHLEY Shippen :) We are going to party like it's 1999!!!! to our road trip jam mix!!!!! woooooooooooooooo
And I will be going  back to vegas with my sistas and mamsita Memorial day weekend :) FUN!

The Bad: 
I will be flying to Vegas by myself and I may have to go through the naked machine at the airport! Not excited about that :( Who wants to see my nasty naked body? NOT ME!!! I asked my mom that when you go in if they might let me do a wiggle dance so they can get a good look :( EWWWWW
Found out info on a friend that makes me super sad :( but it is for the best. I hope this experience helps him.

My Ugly:
I Hate swimsuits!!!!!! Sure they are cute on the rack but on me NOT so much :( EKKKK I hate it. But I will be buying one :( and some NICE cover ups so people do run screaming when I come strolling up to the pool. "MAMA what is that?!?!?!" (mama turns) "AHHHHH it's Godzilla RUN!!!!!!!!!!" :) haha wish me luck...
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